3" Latex - 30 DAY FREE Unlimited Layer Exchanges!

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 Free UNLIMITED layer exchanges for 30 DAYS!

How to do a layer exchange

Step 1

Contact us by Text (479) 879-6142 if you need a Free layer exchange during this 30 DAY period from the day you receive your mattress layers & casing. Then call us (844) 223-2263 to make sure we received the text and a credit card number must be kept on file just in case the old layers are not returned within 30 days.

Don't worry we will send you new labels and you don't send back the old layers until you receive the new layers!

Let us know what layers you would like and what layers you will be returning and order the new layers using the form below. 

Step 2

When you get the new layers, lay a sheet down on the floor and take the layers you want to return off the bed by unzipping the casing and carrying the layers like a sleeping bag. Then lay the old layers on the sheet keeping the layers clean.

IF YOU ORDERED SPLIT LAYERS...Next, take the firmest latex out of the box and start unwrapping it on the floor. You will need a pair of scissors to cut the plastic. Careful not to cut open the seal. If you have split layers you will carry the latex over to the opposite side that you will be sleeping on. Keeping the plastic under the layer, unroll the layers then cut the seal open with sharp scissors. Flop them into place on the opposite side making sure the layers hug each other in the middle. 

IF YOU ORDERED WHOLE LAYERS...If you have whole layers then you just put the latex with the plastic on it inside the middle of the casing so you can unroll it and easily remove the plastic as you cut it open.

ITEMS NEEDED TO DO A EXCHANGE LAYERS...You will need a pen, paper, packing tape the old plastic.

HOW TO DO THE EXCHANGE: Once you have received the new layer and your mattress is made, it's time to send the old layer back.

Place a layer of plastic the new layers came in on top of the mattress. Then, take the old layers keeping the sheet under it roll it up like a sleeping bag then pop it up on the mattress and unroll the layer onto the plastic sheet removing the sheet. Please check for and dirt of debris that got onto the layer or plastic. Not sure, take a damp wash cloth and wash the plastic the layer will be laying on then dry it completely before rolling it up and securing it with clear packing tape. Measure the size of the package to let us know the density of the layer and the size of the package so we can send you a label.

Text us at 479-879-6142. your name the size of the package and what layers are in the package (Firm, Medium, Soft) split or whole layer. We would like to know when the old layers will be ready to be picked up. We will email you a label which you affix to the correct package. We will send ground out to pick it up. Please call us at 844-223-2263 if you have not received your label.

Word to the wise...

Proper Foundation

Please note: (We recommend you purchase the proper support under the mattress if you are having any kind of trouble. A little dip in a foundation will transfer to your mattress causing you to be uncomfortable. We recommend you purchase one of our beds because they are made to work with our mattresses. Strong enough to walk on. Extra support under each sleeper. We even offer adjustable beds at reasonable prices. Please do not put your mattress on a wire of any type or plastic boxes as it could void your warranty. 

Avoid Heat

We also recommend not putting your latex in a hot sunroom. or heat other than body heat. Electrical heat can cook your mattress and void your warranty. Electric blankets are fine as it is not in direct contact with the latex. Also, avoid water condensation like in a wet basement as it can cause mold in any mattress. 

Protect Your Investment

Please use our "Don't Panic It's Organic" mattress pad, as it will protect your investment from sweat, dirt and accidents. This is important as we sweat up to a pint of water every night, this sweat can breed bacteria in the casing.

Do Not Wash Quilted Casing

If you have a quilted casing, you can not wash it or it will shrink so much that you will have to order a new one. This does not apply to our water proof mattress casing.

Our Policy

 See Our Policy Page for more details regarding layer exchanges.

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