Organic Mattress Assembly

Organic Mattress Assembly
1. Don't take the latex layers out of the box until you first get the casing and spread it open.  Then you can get the firmest layer out of the box, keeping it in the plastic, put it on the bed and position it so when you open the plastic it will unroll out into the place you would like it to be to get started. 
Flop the layer in place, lining up the edges.
Next take the layer for the opposite side and lay it on top of the layer you just opened.
Open that layer and then while the plastic is still underneath that layer, flop it over to the other side then flop in place.
The casing will appear to small, trust me, it's not.  The latex will push in as much as 4". But this is the time to try and make sure you get it lined up as best as you possibly can with the seam of the casing underneath it.
Now you are ready for the next layer.
Continue repeating the process paying close attention to not create a shelf on the side.  You can now zip it up.
Congratulations you did a great job!
Send us a photo we would love to see it.
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