Is Memory Foam Toxic?


Why is Organic Important?

Why do we avoid GMO's?  Because you don't want to sleep on a toxic soup of chemicals known to cause cancer, breathing problems, thyroid, learning disabilities and hormone disruptors.  Synthetic mattresses are made from petroleum oil which is known to cause cancer. Furthermore, toxic chemical flame retardants are added when it has been prove to be ineffective in the event of a fire.

What is Tris?


What are your mattresses made of?

We have a zippered casing made of organic cotton knit or you can choose the quilted with organic wool casing.  We send you multiple layers of organic latex that comes in multiple densities that you can arrange to your liking.

What is Dunlop vs Talalay?

There are 2 ways to produce latex, besides organic, natural and synthetic.,.  The process is called Dunlop and Talalay. No we aren't talking tires here.  Although rubber is durable, has great bounce back so it's easy to get out of bed, and dissipates heat just like tires on a car.

We recommend and use the Dunlop method of production because it is the purest and has the most support vs Talalay which is a process of freezing and unfreezing the latex to give it a different feel.  The different feel of Talalay will bottom out as your body lays on it because it lack support. So without enough Dunlop under your Talalay you will created pressure points and wish you had Dunlop. 

Therefore we recommend Talalay only in the Top layer of the 4 layer mattress like a topper if the customer feels they need the extra softness. Talalay does cost more to produce so the extra cost is passed on to the customer.


Why are Organic Mattresses so Expensive?

Organic mattresses are expensive because they are not made in a chemical factory. Rather, the rubber is milked directly from the tree in the tropical forest, much like maple syrup so it is very labor intensive. The casing is made from organic cotton and wool which is also labor intensive. Although our mattresses may seem expensive, there are synthetic mattresses on the market that cost just as much or more and yet cost much less to make. 
No one can argue the return on your investment in health is simply immeasurable, both for you and for your entire family.  

What make "Mountain Air Organic Beds" organic mattresses any different from any other mattress?

  • Nobody but Mountain Air Organic Beds has a fully customized 2, 3 and 4 layer 100% certified organic knit covered organic-latex-completely vegan mattress.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY FROM A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST!  Others in the same price range are married to their supplier, so their supplier is there investors which means they can't buy Dunlop latex rubber from anyone but them no matter how poor the quality can be.  We have tested their rubber and had to replace them after just 2 - 3 years.  Hands down the quality and consistency of our mattresses is far better, because we choose only the finest rubber in the world.  You can visibly see the difference in quality.  
  • INVESTMENT...Look at it this way, what if you were making a cake and you mixed the batter by hand instead of a high speed mixer?  The hand mixed cake once baked came out very inconsistent whereas, the high speed mixed batter was of high quality and consistent.  That is how our rubber is the finest rubber in the world.  Our suppliers have invested heavily in the infrastructure and education.  They use high quality centrifuges, invested in the best transportation and have government sponsored classes and training on the production of latex rubber.
  • INTEGRITY...The majority of organic claims are false. Like the Natural Memory Foam Scam, they may have a organic cotton cover, yet the rest of the mattress is synthetic or so called natural. Which can mean as little as 5% is natural the rest is synthetic. 
  • ORGANIC COTTON...The organic cotton we use is also of high quality.  We have ran across suppliers who claim their cotton is organic but it's only 35% organic. The rest is conventional cotton.  The majority of pesticides and herbicides are used in the production of cotton, and causes cancer among it's workers. This is why organic cotton is so important. 
  • FULL CUSTOMIZATION - Having multiple layers of organic latex, you can  control the comfort of your mattress, it doesn't control you. Having a 1 inch layer on top that you can exchange out is not full customization.
  • EASY TO HANDLE LAYERS...Having split layers is easy to handle verses whole layers.  This make it much easier to adjust the feel of your mattress yourself, swapping layers with your partner, moving layers to the top to make it firmer, or doing a layer exchange with us.
  • LIFETIME OF LAYER EXCHANGES!  Yes, you read that right. As long as you own your mattress, you can exchange the layers with us for a nominal fee as opposed to buying new layers & it's FREE for the first 120 days.  You just pay shipping and handling to get new layers and send the old ones back and the 1st exchange has no shipping charges.
  • WE DON'T THROW AWAY!  My husband ask me the other day, "Why don't you just throw it away?" I said, "There is no such place as away."  All these Bed in the Box mattresses are made cheap and the call (800 Got Junk) to have them thrown away when the customer decides they don't like it and want their money back.  What a waste of money and how bad this is for our environment.  What are we doing to the future of our planet?  Where are these foam mattresses going?
  • WE RECYCLE...We turn your returned layers into floor models for our showroom and dealers to put on their floor.  We also give them away to influential people who want to try our mattresses out before making a recommendation. If you have a audience please contact us at (844) 223-2263 so we can get to know you.

Does it sleep HOT?

No! Our latex has millions of holes create air flow. Plus, it's not like gel and memory foam people often complain about sleeping hot. Gel foam is a gimmick. it contains phase change chemicals that initially sleeps cooler but then loses its coolness as it is not breathable. It feels like plastic and your body can not detox as you sleep on these types of mattresses. Your body must detox to prevent the buildup of chemicals.

If your body can't off gas the toxins because it is sleeping on a synthetic mattress then your body builds up a burden. This body burden leads to multiple chemical sensitivities, and diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases.  Think about it, you are spending 8 hours a night on a mattress full of chemicals.  That is 1/3rd of your life where your skin is breathing and your lungs are breathing in these poisons.  No wonder lung cancer is the leading form of cancer today.  Stand up to it!  Get rid of your toxic mattress.

What makes your mattresses safe?

Our mattresses are both safe and organic because the wool we use is a natural fire barrier. Sheep have to have hair cuts too, otherwise their fleece becomes a burden to them. Our farmers practice good husbandry.  Our rubber is tapped from the rubber tree grown in the tropics. So the tree goes on to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Nothing is cut down, no petroleum oil is added. Just a little sulfur or ammonia to keep it from coagulating before they pour it in the molds to be baked.

We don't use petroleum oil, formaldehyde or toxic flame retardants. Every component including our company, has been Pure Integrity Verified and is certified organic period.  We are the only organic mattress company who has earned this seal

We are proud the Pure Integrity Verified seal is quickly becoming a world recognized brand as the Organic Guru, and one of our amazing our Brand Ambassadors, Lynette Marie has verified many true organic brands.  Lynette has been asked to speak to Presidents and dignitaries in 20 countries about the PIV seal and how to build a better world through organic lifestyles, affordable, sustainable homes for living.  


What goes into earning the Pure Integrity Verified (PIV) seal of approval?  

1. Personal Inspection from the Organic Guru herself.

Personal independent inspection of facilities from the Organic Guru, Lynette Marie, Author of Fuel for the Body.

2. Purity

These inspections are to make sure we are not mixing our organic mattresses with non-organic mattresses among many other criteria such as...

3. Verification

Inspection of our sources paperwork to certify every component's paperwork shows every part of each mattress and bedding is organic and sustainable.

3.  Sustainable

The highest standard of husbandry is practiced so that no animal is harmed and no trees are cut down.

4. Fair Traded

Our components are fair trade to make sure employees are paid a fair living wage for the work they do.

5. Integrity Verified

Meeting all the requirements above has earned us the Pure Integrity Verified Seal.

From the latex rubber which is GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standards) is certified organic.  The organic cotton is certified GOTS organic, (Global Organic Textiles Standard).

Will I make the right decision?

Certified Organic Latex

Certified Organic Cotton

2-3-4 Layers of latex on each side in different densities

Densities 65 Soft, 75 Med, 80 Medium Firm, 85 Firm, $200 up charge for Extra Firm D90 Layer Exchanges

Easy to handle split layers

Verified safe for the environment?

What are they using for flame retardant?

Verified Safe for you by someone who verifies many organic products for a living?

Is it made fresh for you or sitting on a shelf ready to ship?

Do I need a new support for under my bed?

What will I use to protect my mattress?

Is my pillow Toxic?

Are your mattresses chemical free?

There is no such thing as “chemical-free.” Even the water we drink and the air we breath have chemicals in them. To claim a product is “chemical-free” is misleading and in violation of FTC regulations. Our mattresses are certified organic through and through.

Why is it bad to reuse crib mattresses?

Typically, crib mattresses breed bacteria because they are made from polyurethane foam, and manufacturers use anti-microbial spray pesticides. Who wants that in their mattress? Our organic crib mattress, however, is safe to hand down from generation to generation as long as it is kept clean. The rubber used in our mattresses doesn’t breed bacteria and is naturally antimicrobial. Furthermore, the rubber is dust mite-resistant because bug resistance is a natural defense of the rubber tree. Bugs just don’t like the taste or smell of rubber.

Are there any other uses for crib mattresses after the child outgrows the crib?

Yes, we can build a platform bed for the crib mattress so children can get out of bed by themselves. Then, as the child gets older, you can attach the crib mattress to a split queen mattress by using our organic sofa sectional frame. Now mom or dad can sleep with the toddler in their own room. Our mattresses grow with your children and make for great bedroom designs. You can also use it to make pet beds, seat cushions, sofa cushions, and pillows!

Won't plastic covers hold in all the toxins?

Not according to recent research from Duke University Scientist. The toxic flame retardants and chemicals used in polyurethane foam are aromatic. Meaning the flame retardants and chemicals don’t bond themselves to the polyurethane, but rather they spray out in the air every time you lay on your mattress, and they eventually settle on you. Unfortunately, your you breathe it and your skin absorbs it all night long. These toxic chemicals can also get attached to your household dust, and according to research, your dust becomes more toxic than drinking sludge. This toxic dust falls on the floor where your baby and pets crawl around and put things in their mouths. In other words, the toxins will spread; it’s best not to introduce them to your household in the first place.

How is it shipped?

We use UPS Ground.  You will receive your mattress components in multiple shipments.  Shrunk wrapped in easy to handle packages.  The Eclipse Twin, TXL, Full and Queen are roll packed for a "Organic Bed In The Box" if possible.  There are times the machines are down and it has to be manually packed.  Usually 2 layers is not enough, unless you are petite, most people need 9" to be comfortable.

How Do You Prefer to be Paid? 

Please call us to place your order, we can take your credit card over the phone. You can also mail us a check at...


 Mountain Air Organic Beds, Inc.

1772 Sweetwater Ranch Ave.

Springdale, AR 72764


Where is Your Manufacturing Facility Located? 

Arizona and Arkansas.

The casing, bedding, and woodworking is made fresh for you and comes from our facilities in NW Arkansas.  

The rubber is exported from countries all around the globe that are within 10 degrees of the equator to to a warehouse in Arizona.  The warehouse will custom make your order fresh so the latex has not been sitting on the shelf, all rolled up for months or years.  (Very bad for the rubber).

Your entire order is made "Farm to Bed," fresh for you by Mother Nature.

What are your hours?

  • We answer calls from 9 am - 8 pm Central Time USA to help our customers.
  • Showroom Hours 
    • We are a internet company only, with internet prices, and free layer exchanges. There is no need for a expensive showroom when you can sleep on it for 30 days and exchange layers as often as you like.

How Do You Ship Your Beds?

We have streamlined our business to ship almost everything by UPS ground in easy to handle packages.  Most people don't mind putting the bed and/or mattresses together themselves. We call it the DIY assembly method, because it's quite easy. If you prefer, you can call for a quote to install in your area. You would be surprised, one person could probably put it together by themselves as long as all the layers are split. Otherwise, if you prefer whole layers 2 people make it easier to install. It's very easy.

If you want it taken into the house or upstairs to the apartment, or want signature required, you will need to pay extra for this service.

When Should I pay for Professional Installation?

  • Normally most people can assemble the mattresses, platform beds by themselves or with a help of a friend.  A king, queen, full size foundation, we suggest you get a friend to help.
  • I would pay for installation if I couldn't find help and I was elderly and or disabled.
  • If there is a Boxer bed or adjustable bed involved, it can also be shipped by ground depending upon the model.
  • So unless you have some strong friends or family members, that might be a good time to pay the extra for professional installation. 
  • Or arrange it for yourself.  You can also call your local furniture store and ask for help getting in touch with their delivery personnel or you can call us and we will handle it for you making sure it's properly installed. 
  • Either way, we are available to help by FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger. We prefer Face Time if you have a I Phone, I Pad or Apple laptop as it comes standard with Apple products. Otherwise What's App or any of the others work fine as well.  Call 479-879-6142 and let us know you want to have a visual call so we will pick up.
  • Plus, you can show the assembly videos to your helper and supervise by walking them through these helpful tips.

PLEASE Make sure you have proper support under your bed.  99% of the time customer service issues are related to what you are using to support your bed.  Look at it as tires for your car.  The better the tire, the better the ride is going to be.  Old foundations may have dips in it that will transfer through to the mattress and you will feel it.  Plus, the foundation will contain toxic flame retardants.  So please consider ordering our matching foundation or platform bed. 

What goes under the mattress?

A foundation, platform bed, adjustable bed or you can put it on slats or directly the floor as long as it's not damp. You don't want to expose any mattress to a damp room.

What is the difference between a foundation and a box spring?

A foundation does not have wires or springs in it, a box spring does.  We do not recommend using anything with wires or plastic base as it will void your warranty.

Which do I need a foundation, platform bed or adjustable bed?


If you have current bedstead like a sleigh bed for example.  it will have a headboard and footboard, and metal frame or wooden sides then you need a foundation.  

Adjustable Bed

Or you may choose to purchase an adjustable bed.  Where the head and feet go up and down and you can get it with or without massage. Adjustable beds will fit inside most current bedsteads.  If you have a antique bed please measure so we can verify. We sell those and arrange for delivery too!

Platform Bed

If you don't have a foot board then you can buy a platform bed.  A platform bed is free standing and you can attach a headboard to it as long as the headboard does not have hooks.  Most headboards simply screw into the bed.  You can also slip an adjustable bed in our platform bed instead of slats.

I have a Antique Bed...What do I need to do?

Antique beds are handmade. You need to measure the opening of your bed from inside to inside at the head and foot to see what it measures, so we can make sure to custom make your foundation to fit your antique bed. Please note on your order in notes upon check out the size of your antique bed opening. I can't stress how important it is for you to measure your opening.


Do I need to replace my foundation or platform bed?

I would say absolutely. Here is why...

#1. There are chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde in it.  Even the finish of platform beds are toxic.

#2. It may be worn out and have a dip in it.

#3. Often what is under most beds is not built strong enough to hold our mattresses.

#4. They may have slats to far apart.  We recommend no more than 3" apart.

#5. The slats are only 1 1/2 to 2" thick and can easily break or bend as you sleep on the mattress causing discomfort.

#6. The slats have a hard edge which is not good for the mattress. This is why our edges are beveled and our slats are 5.5" wide.

#6. Looking under your bed, your center support may be cracked or fallen down.  This happens on platform beds when you move them.  (But not ours, our design prevents permanent damage to your platform bed.)

How do I Assemble Everything?

You can find our assembly videos here

Here are my tips:  

Don't pull and tug on the layers.

You really shouldn't have to handle the layers outside the casing anyway if you do it this way.  But, if you have to handle the layers, please roll them up like a sleeping bag and carry them.


Cut the box open without cutting the plastic bag the rubber is in.

You should very carefully cut in open the box in the garage and drag or carry the shrunk wrapped layers into your bedroom.  Be careful to note the density that was on the box on each package with a magic marker on the plastic so you know which layers to start layering your bed with.

  Here is how the boxes will be marked reflecting the layers that are in the box.

Most mattresses come in 3 boxes for 3 layers, 4 boxes for 4 layers of rubber plus 1 box for your casing.  Don't worry, we will send you tracking information. We can not require signature on the latex rubber. We can and often do on the casing.

Firm is D-85

Medium D-75

Soft D-65


Assembly Instructions


  1. Open the casing on the bed making sure the length is from head to toe. The zipper starts at the foot.
  2. Decide what layers each person is getting.  You will put the layer that goes to the other side on the wrong side because you will flip the layer over once you unpack it in the casing.
  3. The longest part of the layer goes from head to toe.
  4. DO NOT unpack the rubber outside the casing.
  5. Then pop one layer up on the bed with the plastic on it.  Starting with a firm layer (D85) or Medium Layer (D75) noted on the box.
  6. Position the layer so it will

    roll out on the opposite side of where you want the layer to lay.

  7. Take something sharp to cut through the plastic, being careful not to cut the latex.  Watch it start to unroll, help it by removing the plastic as it unrolls.  
  8. Do one layer on one side then one layer on the other side.
  9. If you want your bed to look especially pretty, you need to flop each layer so it LINES UP with the SIDE SEAM of the mattress casing then the FOOT, continue to flop together, pushing down in the middle and in on the sides and foot until it is perfect. Watch this carefully as you build the layers on top of each other not to create a "shelf".  Tuck in the corners really pretty as you go.  Disregard the head of the bed, no one sees that.  
  10. The casing will appear to be to small, trust me it is not.  Latex pushes in as much as 4" so the casing holds it in and you don't get any shifting of the rubber.
  11. Then you can flop that firm layer to the other side. Now do it again, to the other side, over and over building your mattress firmness from the bottom up being careful not to create that shelf we talked about.
  12. Finally to zip it up, you need to tuck it in really super good from the top down as you go along, paying particular attention to the side the zipper is on. 
  13. You want that edge to be tucked down as you go, you may have to zip it up twice to get it to look right, so be patient. The more focus you give this last step the prettier your bed will look.  Feel free to send us pictures for us to review at MountainAirOrganicBeds@gmail.com 
  14. Please keep this link for reference on assembling any of our products. 
  15. Please note time to time we have minor changes.  Call us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help. If we are out of town, in a area that is unable to receive calls and you are unable to reach us, please email us at MountainAirOrganicBeds@gmail.com and leave us a voice mail. Usually in remote areas text will go through 479-879-6142. We will respond as soon as possible.

Super Big Tip! Never put your layers outside. Sunlight and open air will deteriorate the latex. There is nothing that will harm you in our mattress, or cause allergies, and the slight sweet odor of latex will go away soon. Never wash your casing, use a mattress pad instead.  Preferably one that does not have any polyester in it.

UPDATE: Platform Bed and Foundation 

The center support is not 80" long, instead it is designed to be several inches shorter.  Just turn the center support up on it's 1" edge centering it between the headboard and footboard.  Then start screwing the slats down to the center support.  King size beds have 2 center supports as opposed to 1 in a Queen.  

What is really cool, if you ever move your bed, you will not rack your bed because the uprights that slide into the bottom of the center support will collapse and you can knock them back into place with a broom handle or golf club.  Pretty cool design!  Once again unmatched in quality, purity, safety and design innovation.

What Do I Do With My Old Mattress?

It's really great if you can find a true mattress recycler, not one that tears it apart then recovers mattresses then sells them as "scratch and dent" from the factory on the roadside on to retailers at a blow out the door discount. If something seems to good to be true there is usually a reason it's to good to be true because it's not true.

For donating the mattress....Call Good Samaritan, churches, etc. Or if it's a good mattress, you can set it outside with the words, "FREE" for the trash man or neighbor to pick up and take home to use.  You can even put it on Craigslist or other similar service to try and recover some of the investment.  If it goes to the landfill it becomes a problem as the wires get caught in equipment and water pools in the mattresses and becomes a massive mess.

Where is the Rest of My Order?

You just received your part of your order.  Don't worry, more to come very soon. We ship from multiple locations.  Our bedding and beds are handcrafted for you in Northwest Arkansas.  The rubber comes from a warehouse in Arizona where it is made fresh for you. We will send you tracking information every time something ships. Due to the high volume of business we do, we can't call everyone.  So please let us know if you need us to send a product "signature required" the driver will attempt to deliver 3 times before sending product back.  When you receive your tracking information we sent by UPS Ground, simply click on the link to see the status of your order.

What is Your Return Policy? 

We are pleased to offer you a FREE LAYER EXCHANGES on mattresses and unopened bedding providing our terms and conditions are met.


Both you and your partner can change the feel of your mattress side by swapping and moving layers around. If you need to exchange a layer within 30 days of your purchase, we will provide your new layers free of charge; you will be responsible for all shipping and handling after the first layer (or) 2 split layers are exchanged.

After 30 days, you can exchange layers for the standard layer price plus shipping and handling.  You do get 1 Free Layer exchange where there is no shipping fees involved, that usually solves the problem.  Most people will first move layers around and swap with partner so they know for sure that is what they want. 

What do I do if my mattress is to firm?

Layer Exchange

Add another layer

Add a Fleece

What do I do if my mattress is to soft?

You can move your firm layer to the top.

You can swap layers from the other side.

You can order a new firmer layer to go in your mattress if your casing expands.

How to Exchange Your Layers?  


Where Can We Find the Warranty Information and Product and Care Guide?  


Recap Before You Buy!

  1.  If you sleep hot, please get rid of your synthetic bedding and go organic and you will sleep cooler. 
  2. Please use a mattress pad to protect your investment. 
  3. Do you really want a California King size mattress or did you want a King size mattress?  California King is more 4” narrow and 4” longer than traditional king size mattresses. It is great for tall people who’s feet typically hang off the edge of the mattress.  However, the King size mattress 76”x80” is much more common. Technically is called Eastern King.
  4. If ordering a mattress with a curve, please send us a pattern for the curve as we will custom make any size mattress and wooden bed.
  5. Please measure the inside well of your bed if it is antique or you are not sure, as there may be a difference in sizing.