Heavenly Harmony Organic Mattress by Mountain Air Organic Beds

Why buy a Mattress that doesn't last, When You can buy one that does?

Synthetic mattresses just don't last! Most people feel their mattresses needs replaced 5-8 years. If you want a mattress that does last, you don't make it out of polyurethane foam, instead you make it out of 100% natural latex rubber.

In comparison...Would you buy tires made of polyurethane foam? Of course not, tires are made of rubber because it's durable and dissipates heat.

The "Dirty Little Secrets" other companies don't want you to know.

We don't recommend coils in mattresses either. Coils. produce pressure and causes the mattress to break down quicker and you are paying a premium for "air" and that's just not fair.

Beware of other mattresses that requires you to do the impossible to keep your warranty or to return your mattress.If it's not comfortable, How are you going to return a 300 pound mattress? How are you going to rotate a 300 lb mattress? Even 2 people can't do it. So they have you over the barrell and you are stuck with a mattress that is not comfortable and you can't rotate heavy 6" layers like you can our 3" split layers.

Here is why Mountain Air Organic Beds makes the last mattress you will ever have to buy!

It's all about how it's made, it's our ingredients, and the care we take to make sure you are comfortable. Our mattresses are custom made for you. We have tested latex suppliers from all over the world until we found just one we can trust to give us the highest quality, purity and consistency we can be assured you are getting the best so your mattress last a life-time. Even though the rubber is naturally antimicrobial, we still recommend our, "Don't Panic It's Organic Mattress Pad" to protect your mattress casing.

What do you get?

Our mattress have several layers of latex you put in a quilted zippered casing. Our mattresses are completely customizable so each person can have their own sleep surface. You will receive 3" layers of Certified Organic Latex Rubber that comes in different densities like Firm, Medium and Soft. You also receive a handcrafted organic cotton and wool quilted. zipper casing to put the layers in.

How is the casing made?

Organic cotton quilted with wool. We add a durable zipper so you can easily unzip your mattress and move layers around to make it firmer or softer on each side. You can also call, or text us and we will do free layer exchanges for you as long as you do it within 4 months.

Our promise to you.

"We will not compromise quality or your health and we are here to make sure you are comfortable." There is a difference in quality and we take absolutely no shortcuts like putting coils or inferior latex in your mattress.

We take pride in the quality of each of our products with every stitch, the comfort of each sleeper, giving you the best customer service experience, We will provide you a fully customizable, No-compromise, organic mattress that is custom made for you to the highest standards in the USA.

Everything is shipped to your door in easy to handle boxes and you put it together. Don't worry, we have a mattress assembly video you can follow along, it's so easy I can do it by myself.

Better for you and the environment!

Our organic mattresses inserts are made from 100% organic latex which is tapped straight from the rubber trees, much like maple syrup. Nothing is cut down, nothing is harmed. In fact the trees go on to make more mattresses by providing us beautiful, white milky sap we use to make layers of latex rubber.

The rubber trees, grown in the tropics, called the Hevea brasiliensis trees. These trees go on to remove several metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as the trees breathe, they clean the air in our environment. Our mattresses are completely sustainable so it's better for the planet, better for you and generations to come.

Our 100% certified organic cotton that is used in your mattress. is grown without pesticides or synthetic materials. Did I mention it doesn't sleep hot? Our latex is naturally cooling with millions of open cells in the latex that keep you cool, plus the wool is a natural temperature regulator. So if you want to sleep cooler then get rid of your synthetic mattress and synthetic bedding.

So, instead of poly-URETHANE foam, or just any kind of latex rubber, we recommend our mattresses because the latex rubber is of the highest consistency and grade and the mattress is all latex rubber instead of a mix. Made pure without bonding agents or synthetics which cost the producer less at YOUR expense, because once again purity and quality matters.

From seed to harvest through production, to your home. Farm to bed fresh, Mountain Air Organic Beds are LIVING, BREATHING mattresses! What couold be better than sleeping on nature which gives you a calming effect?


Our mattresses are made with 3" layers of latex that comes in different densities like firm, medium and soft.

Each person can have their own sleep surface

It comes with a organic zippered casing you put the layers into the casing.

Feel free to FaceTime or call us if you feel you need a little help. That's what we are here for, high touch service.

Order yours today and get Free layer exchanges for 30 days! Call (844) 223-2263 or text us at (479) 879-6142

Thank you in advance for supporting our Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Joyce and Gary Robertson "Owners"

Mountain Air Organic Beds

Proudly made in the USA.

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