Sleep safe and sound on our certified organic mattress. 

Your order will be shipped by and arrive at your home by several sources depending on what you ordered…After you place your order we will email you detailed order information.  When the order ships we will send you tracking number or numbers as they ship.


Organic mattresses and/or bedding usually ships within 2-3 weeks of the date the completed order is received.  While special cases happen, our creation group has a magnificent record of meeting Projected Ship Dates. Inside the U.S., most clients get their shipments within 3 - 4 weeks.

Notes: Custom-sized sleeping pads, platform beds, and wool beddings transportation takes 4-6 weeks from the date of request.

A mattress will always arrive by Ground boxes usually 3 - 4 boxes, directly from the warehouse in Arizona to your home, signature required.

The casing, and bedding could come in multiple boxes from Springdale, AR via UPS Ground as well unless there is wood involved.  


Foundations and platform bed are normally freight, curbside delivery only.  Which means you will need to bring it into your home yourself, so a hand truck and a friend will be helpful. If the bed is freight, we sometimes include the Casing and bedding as part of the freight, and can take 4-6 weeks depending upon the complexity of the bed.  


We try to predict shipping time frame to arrange professional delivery as soon as possible after.

Professional Installation available in most areas in the USA.  Non-refundable cost of $350. Will be added upon check out if you choose installation.  

Please notify us at (844) 223-2263 when all your products arrive, we will then send someone out to install the bed within 1 - 2 weeks, depending upon their schedule, and availability.  Quite often it could be a local furniture store delivery personal, someone from our company, or a delivery service.


Please do not give your old mattress away until your new mattress is installed, just in case something unexpected goes wrong, we don’t want you to be without a bed.

Removal of old mattress is possible if installed by local furniture store, or delivery personnel, or you might call local charity to come pick it up for the needy.

Please note … shippers assess fees for the following: payment is expected.

  • Bringing into the home, apartment or upstairs
  • Appointments
  • Missed Appointments
  • Lift Gate Service for Beds
  • Change of address
  • Signature Required
  • Professional installation available, please allow up to an additional 2 weeks.

What you should do on arrival

    • When the driver brings you the boxes, please count the boxes and sign for the correct number you received.
    • Check for damage of the product, boxes often have scratches, tears.  
    • Have your camera, preferably video, and box knife ready to carefully break it open and check for damage if necessary.
    • When opening the boxes, be cautious not to cut to deep, slashing the product.
    • You can even have a friend video the boxes, or sit the camera in a position to record before you open them if you suspect damage.

Note any damage on the BILL OF LADING.

  • If the wooden product is clearly damaged, you may refuse the delivery noting damage on the bill of lading.  Snap a copy of the notations to your cell phone.
  • Please take photos of any suspected damage to product.
  • We will send a replacement as quickly as possible.
  • Concealed damage, we will replace the damaged part with new parts as quickly as possible. But remember if you suspect it, please take pictures.
  • Time is of the essence for us to file a claim.