Ozark 7"

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Ozark 7" 2-Layer

Organic Cotton Quilted to Wool Cover & Organic Latex 


                 white glove installation


The Ozark  … Bespoke at its best.

 We handcraft your Mountain Air Organic Bed  one at time to YOUR specifications from the most durable and comfortable material available …organically grown cotton, wool and latex rubber.

The Mountain Air Organic Bed … being made from layers of Latex rubber in a zippered casing offers you features unavailable in other mattresses… 


 The two - three inch latex rubber layers build comfort on top of support and come in Firm/Medium/Soft. 

The layers can be easily moved around or replaced providing you with the ultimate in customization. 

Unlike ALL synthetic foam mattresses our latex does not sleep hot.

We work with you to help you choose which 3" layers fit you best … Firm/Medium/Soft …. Split for a different feel on each side …. or single for the same feel on both sides …. the combinations are endless. 


Your Mountain Air Organic Bed is made with an organic cotton, and wool quilted cover. The cotton is for comfort and durability …  the wool provides temperature regulation and moisture transfer … IMPOSSIBLE to get from synthetic materials.

The zippered casing allows us to use layers of 100% natural/organically grown latex, and allows you to control the feel of your mattress as long as you own it. You can unzip your mattress and move layers around to adjust the feel … or replace layers years down the road as your needs change. 


We know how tiresome it is to find “the one” … stores, lying on a mattress with your shoes on, trying dozens of mattresses … trying to get “the one”.

For this reason, we offer a period of Free Layer Exchanges with every mattress. This gives you the time to really tell what is right for you.  This unique feature can also be used over time to adapt your Mountain Air Organic Bed to your changing needs. (We will provide you full details).

With proper support from a good foundation or platform bed … a Mountain Air Organic Bed will be “the one” for years. No other mattress on the market can make that claim.

Call us at (844) 223-2263 … we try our best to be available anytime …

Please DO NOT wash the casing, it will shrink. We recommend you purchase our, "Don't Panic It's Organic," waterproof, baby safe mattress pad to protect your investment.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery …. It could take longer but we will keep you informed of every step.


GOTS certified for our organic casings and organic bedding     GOLS certified for our 100% certified organic latex mattress     pure integrity verified for our health and safety in our stores



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