FREE Layer Exchanges

Your comfort is our commitment to you. For this reason if after you get your mattress home and sleep on it a few days, you feel you are not quite comfortable enough, just swap layers around to adjust the feel.

Just remember, you have been sleeping on a broken down mattress and it might take a little while to get used to sleeping on a proper mattress.  This mattress is supportive and most mattresses lack support causing pain.  We build comfort on top of support. This is what is so cool about our mattresses.  If after moving layers around, swapping with the other side if needed, you feel you still need a layer exchange, no problem. Your first layer exchange is totally Free, we even take care of the shipping fees! 

Click on FREE layer exchange to order your replacement layer.

After receiving your new mattress and anytime within those 90 days if you still need layer exchanges even after the first exchange they are still Free, just pay shipping and you get yourself new layers.  We can ship 2 split layers in one box.  We use a ground carrier such as UPS or FedEx. 

For a nominal fee, you may also buy back your old layer rather than sending it back to us.  How cool is that?