Adjustable Bed - MADE IN USA - (Head Articulation Only)

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Why is buying your adjustable bed "MADE IN THE USA" so important? Besides creating jobs. Our adjustable bed is made of higher quality with solid steel frame & service. Unlike other companies that import their open frame and assemble in the USA. It's just not the same. Not the same quality and not the same service.

Adjustable beds are great for people who suffer with Acid Reflux or if you just like to sit up in bed to read, eat, play cards, etc. We call this a health and life style bed. Our most economical model.

Did you know acid reflux disease can cause cancer if left untreated. Most doctors recommend you sleep with your head and chest slightly elevated to help keep the stomach acids down. Our mattresses work with adjustable beds better than most others. Get just what the doctor ordered sleep better and sleep healthy.

Works with our platform beds for a complete look. Can be set at any height with our custom made wood feet. 


  • Head Up only
  • Wired 2 button remote
  • Battery Back up
  • Gravity release feature
  • Recessed Steel legs
  • Optional Headboard Bracket

This model can be free standing or drop in your current bedstead. No bed frame needed.

Ships UPS or FED Ex ground

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