Expect Latex Shortages to get worse.

Rubber Tree Farmers Switching to Farming Kratom

Latex Farmers Switch to Kratom for Higher Profits creating shortages in latex rubber for latex mattress distributors.

Our Conscious Beds mattresses are made from tapping the rubber tree for it's liquid which is called rubber or latex. Over the past year we have seen shortages in latex distributors in the USA, possibly due to the shortage of latex farming and lack of alternative suppliers.

Expect continued shortages of rubber due to Kratom farmers finding it more lucrative to make Kratom. This is why you need to buy your organic mattress sooner than later. USA will always demand their drugs. Kratom is important to help people get off addictive drugs. Legal or not legal, I see a black market for this. Particularly if people can't get their prescription drugs and they don't want to go through painful withdrawal symptoms.  Not everyone can take Kratom, but the business seems to be booming leaving rubber trees untapped.

According to Vice you can find more information here. 

Photo by and and link to published article by author Adi Renaldi originally published 10 July 2019, 11:31pm


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