Fire resistant living without chemical flame retardants!


What if you had a fire?  Will you have time to save yourself and your family?  Don’t say it can’t happen to you because it could happen to anyone. It happens everyday all over the country.

There are several things that cause fires.  It could be electrical, wildfire, freak lightning, gas leaks, 5G fire, kitchen, candles, fire from a neighbor, forest fire, EMP, God forbid smoking in bed, who knows if it could happen or when?  No one is safe, unless they are prepared. We can mitigate the damage it could cause in our homes by getting rid of toxic chemicals and synthetics that are in our homes.  As you know, chemicals are highly flammable. But, did you know that synthetics are all over your home?

Synthetics are made of petroleum oil and burns like liquid gasoline.  What would happen if your bedroom caught fire? Did you know most fire marshals will not let firefighters go into your bedroom to save you?  That's because of the toxic gasses released from fires are deadly if breathed in and  with all of the synthetic bedding most people are sleeping on they know the dangers.  With all their equipment still won't go in because the situation is so deadly.

Here is what most likely would happen in your bed in the event of a fire.

#1. Your bedding will catch fire and release toxic gases.  Those gases when lit are more dangerous than the fire itself. As polyurethane foam and synthetic bedding catches fire, it releases deadly hydrogen cyanide. Just a couple whiffs of cyanide and it could end life. It would happen so quickly you may not make it out of bed, particularly if you are in a deep sleep.

#2. Smoke alarms do save lives, but will you be able to get out in time if you are encapsulated in flames because of your bedding and synthetic pillows if the gasses didn't get to you first? 

#3. Do you have time to wait for firefighters to show up?  Will you and your family make it out alive?

I have a solution that could give you minutes longer to save lives. 

Prepare your home.  I love to think about what if scenarios so I can prepared. I do this because I want to protect myself and my family. I feel I have to be ready for emergency situations because lives could be at stake and I want to pass this on to you to help you prepare as well.

Government is not going to take care of you.  You have to take care of yourself, look at Hurricane Katrina and how long people had to wait for the government to do anything.

Here is what I would do...

1. Keep your homeowners insurance up to date. Make sure you have flood insurance.

2. Take photos and videos, place them in a place you can retrieve them at a later date for the insurance companies so you can replace your mattress, furniture and contents. If you really want to do a good job and have time, you can even make out a spreadsheet listing the items and their purchase price.  Attach any receipts you have, particularly for large items as the insurance company may request it and it could speed up the processing of your claim.

Did you know natural products burn slower than synthetic?

Wool is the best natural flame retardant. We use wool in our quilted mattress casings.  We also offer, silica (sand) fabric wrap is another great alternative as silica is a natural fire barrier.  So getting a organic mattress is important, not only from a fire standpoint but, from a healthful standpoint. The chemicals in traditional mattresses are just about as bad as a fire itself if it causes cancer years down the road. They both can be deadly.

How to get out of a fire...

1. Wrap yourself up in a wool blanket and you can get out of most fires., particularly if you have time to wet the blanket down with water in a shower or bath tub.  Then consider crawling out to give yourself oxygen. You might make a escape plan for every member of your family and practice getting out alive. 

2. Don't touch hot door handles. You never know what is on the other side.

3. Don't go back in to a fire. Opening a door could let oxygen in and make the fire worse. 

4. Call 911 Immediately

5. Prepare your home to be safer so you stand the best chance of survival.  It is a fact, Natural products burn slower than synthetic fires. Having only natural furnishings in your home will give you more time to save yourself and your family.

Here is a list of stuff to get rid of and replace with natural.


Mattresses made of polyurethane foam are made of petroleum oil and contain a toxic soup of toxic chemical flame retardants.  These flame retardants are known to cause cancer and are neurotoxic to be sleeping on.  Do you really want that in your home? Mattress manufacturers do this because foam is so highly flammable.

Get a 100% certified organic mattresses made without the use of chemical flame retardants. There are natural ways to stay safe as I have said before.  Not sure if your mattress is safe, read the law label at the head of the bed or contact us and we will tell you how it’s made and how safe it is to sleep on. 844-223-2263


Pillows are often made of polyurethane foam and chemical flame-retardants. So Yes, you have your nose in it as well.  Replace them with 100% organic pillows.  Not sure about your pillow?  Look at the legal label and see if it says,"Polyurethane foam", if it does you need to get rid of it.  Not only is is highly flammable, but it has harmful chemicals in it if it's synthetic.

Why does the federal government mandate all these toxins in your mattress and bedding anyway?  Natural bedding bypasses these requirements.  Therefore natural bedding is far less toxic.  Who smokes in bed any more?  Why should you develop diseases such as cancer, or be exposed to neurotoxins just because of somebody who smokes in bed 50 years ago?  We are a modern 21st century society, we don't need to be tied to a older generation who smoked in bed. 

The mattress and fire regulations are based upon 50-60 years ago when people smoked in bed. Firefighters will tell you in history when people smoked in bed, #1 Thing that catches fire for bed smokers are the pillows. They forget they have the cigarette in the mouth and they die instantly when their highly flammable pillow goes up like a ball of fire.  Then the mattress catches fire and the wall catches fire.  Sometimes it's the blanket. Either way, you need safe bedding.  Get rid of your synthetic, toxic pillow as soon as possible.

Brain Fart....They haven't put ashtrays in cars and trucks for years, so why should  vehicle manufactures be forced to put in flame retardants in your vehicles? When is the bedding industry going to catch up with society?  Automobile producers aren't even putting in any ashtrays, and cigarette lighters any more and Cigarette lighters are nothing more then power ports.  

Bedroom Furniture & Wood Furniture

If you have a tufted headboard or bed, you should ditch it.  If you have furniture with any kind with linseed oil, or paint as a finish, guess what they contain known carcinogens. Opt for Hemp finished, natural wood beds instead.


Get rid of your polyester bedding. Instead use organic cotton sheets, organic cotton mattress pads, organic cotton blankets, wool mattress pads, wool comforters and wool blankets.

Wool has tremendous benefits. Dust mite resistant, calming, regulates body temperature, breathable, natural fire retardant, and can me tightly felted to be water resistant to name a few. 


Remove carpet and padding. Carpet, just like your mattress, harbors bacteria, dust mites and even bed bugs. Before removing carpet, plan to hire 3-4 strong people to remove it for you, as it is highly toxic and very heavy.  Please use breathing mask and clean thoroughly after. Clean your air filters afterwards.  Open windows and let out the toxic dust. Use Hepa filters to vacuum up the toxic dust. Replace it with ceramic, wood or patterned concrete. Especially if you have pets. Pinterest has DIY concrete projects to do this on the cheap.


Get rid of synthetic rugs and purchase wool, hemp, or coconut rug coirs as door mats. Wool rugs can be rolled up, cleaned, moved and replaced and are a natural fire barrier so it will be safe to walk on in the event of a fire.

Living Room

Living room seating. (Opt for real leather covered or just wood). I put a split queen organic mattress in my living room. You could also put a organic mattress on a daybed In the living room and children's playrooms. 

Kitchen, Bath & Laundry

Cleaning chemicals use Vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and natural soaps which are usually clear.


Contact your city about properly disposing of your chemical pesticides.  Instead use ladybugs and natural remedies such as essential oils to get rid of pesky bugs.


Natural fibers is better than synthetic. Particularly sleep wear in organic cotton, or silk. Regular cotton is heavily laden with GMO pesticides.  So why would you sleep on regular Egyptian cotton sheets?

More about that in up coming blog (9 Foods that contain GMO Cotton)

Get a plan for safety so you can save yourself and your family in the event of fire.

Live Healthy! 


Joyce Robertson


Earth Angel

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