Deadly Bacteria Lurking in your Mattress?

Joyce...Guess what?  


Joyce....You want the truth about TOXIC mattresses?

Polyurethane foam breeds bacteria.  It also breeds bugs, millions of dust mites. 

Think of the symptoms one can experience... allergies, colds, flu, breathing difficulties.  So they go to the allergy clinic, doctors office, drug store to try and get relief.  They get antibiotics, allergy medicine.  What is worse is the millions of people who can't breath (at night) they are on oxygen or CPAP machines. Why do you think they can't breath at night?  Maybe it's the toxic soup they are sleeping on.

Think Chemical flame retardants banned in children's sleepwear and crib mattresses being put in your mattress.

You...What? I didn't know that.

Joyce...Yes, your mattress is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, even deadly bacteria such as Staph, E-Coli, you name it.  Why?


Joyce...Because bacteria feed on skin cells and sweat.  Even if you take a shower every night, you still shed skin cells and you still sweat.


Joyce...Yes, Really.  

Joyce...Did you know Organic Latex doesn't breed bacteria?

You...No I did not know that.

Joyce...So I would do 3 things.

1. Get rid of your polyurethane foam mattress and get a Mountain Air Organic Bed.

2.  Get our "Don't panic it's organic" waterproof mattress pad. To keep your investment clean and free of dirt and sweat

3.  Change those pillows for a latex pillow.

Do all this so you can sleep safe and breath better.

Why Mountain Air Organic Beds?

A.  Because our mattresses don't have TOXIC chemical flame retardants in them.
B.  It is the healthiest mattress on the planet. 
C. It is extremely supportive and comfortable, because you control the comfort instead of your mattress controlling you. It's like building a bear, except you get to build your own mattress and we are here to help you.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today at 844-223-2263 or just buy here online.


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