Cotton Sheets vs Organic Sheets


It doesn't matter if it's Egyptian cotton or not, conventional cotton uses the most pesticides and herbicides of all plants. Cotton is one of the worst offender of pesticide use on the planet. These chemicals can get in your food supply. Seriously?  Yes, what they don't use in Egyptian cotton sheets, towels and clothing is left over as a by product in production of cotton called, "gin trash:. Which is full of GMO and BT cotton pesticides by-products generated during the manufacture of conventional cotton and it wreaks havoc on our food chain.  

A better use for gin-trash and wood chips is to turn it in to electricity. 

Conventional cotton is one of the top four GMO crops produced in the world. GMO cotton production ranks ninth in global crop production and gets into our food supply through cotton seed oil, used to produce Vitamin E, primary ingredient in Crisco oil, fed to animals for dairy and meat production, food additives, food thickener and stabilizer and Cellulose. Cellulose is used as a filler to extend serving sizes without increasing calories. Humans can’t break down or digest cellulose so it’s being used to meet the demand for low-calorie, high-fiber foods.

Cellulose, which is basically a plastic, has migrated into numerous foods including cheese, cream, milk powder, flavored milks, ice cream, sherbet, whey products, processed fruits, cooked vegetables, canned beans, pre-cooked pastas, pre-cooked rice products, vinegar, mustard, soups, cider, salads, yeast, seasonings, sweeteners, soybean products, bakery items, breakfast cereals, including rolled oats, sports drinks, and dietetic foods as a non-caloric filler.

As if this is not enough...

Did you know? Foreign growers of GMO cotton are dying of cancer by the droves, and they often commit suicide due to the fact the poison continues to increase in cost as their production dewindles and they go bankrupt as the cost of pesticides skyrockets and crops yield less and less every year. Farmers have been fed propaganda and lies from chemical companies.  It's a proven fact organic cotton yields are greater if they let the land relax and grow organic.

Unfortunately, these farmers are very poor and use very little protection if anything, from these pesticides so they breathe it, and it gets on their skin. To make matters worse as if that isn't enough. The spray is carried by the wind and lands on the grass the cows and chickens eat, then it runs off into their rivers, streams everyone drinks and bathes in. It completely poisons the entire food chain. 

 Pesticides is the leading cause of cancer and suicides in India.

China, India, & Russia has the highest rate of cancer.  Don't sleep on someone else's pain and suffering.

Next time you buy cheap, think about the price they pay for you and the price you will pay in the end. Is it worth it? Will cheap last anyway? NO it's not worth it, NO it doesn't last, YES, it can harm you, your family, the farmer, his country and the planet.

Having trouble breathing at night? 

Think about what you are breathing in?  Think about the "Toxic" chemicals attached to your household dust. Your skin absorbs it, it gets attached to your household dust which falls to the ground where babies and pets play. This is how they ingest chemical flame retardants and pesticides.

An estimated 22 Million Americans suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea. Don't you be another statistic.  

COPD is very common. Approximately 12 million adults in the U.S. are diagnosed withCOPD, and 120,000 die from it each year. An additional 12 million adults in the U.S. are thought to have undiagnosed COPD.

These are staggering numbers. Sleep apnea and COPD are not only potentially deadly, but it can also lead to heart disease.

CPAP, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Breathing difficulties














To learn more about pesticides click this link.


Do you sleep hot? 

Sheets with high thread count 400 or more are a waste of money, because they are not breathable. Synthetic mattresses and bedding make you sleep hot as well. 



We use certified 100% organic cotton as a casing. It has a zipper so you can unzip it and take it off to get the rubber inside to "repurpose" for later.  Inside you get 3 inches of 100% GOLS*, certified organic latex rubber for support and comfort.


Why is that important? Because laws are being loosened as to what we can call organic.  I find that such a insult to our industry. Learn More Here...This is why the PIV seal is so important. PIV Seal can't be bought off. Everything is personally inspected for purity and ethics from cradle to grave. 

TAKE ACTION: USDA supports GMO Companies to “Self-Regulate” Their Own GMOs. 

So who do you trust?  Trust the PIV seal it can't be bought off. Help it become a global household name. Share this on your social media.

*(Global Organic Latex) What is GOLS?

GOLS establishes a clear path and procedure on the route from field or farmer level to the certified organic latex product manufacturer. Among other factors, manufacturers that are given approval to produce organic products under the GOLS logo have to follow mandatory social and environmental regulations. This places indirect responsibility for social and environmental issues on the final consumer.

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Dawn Rike

Thank you for doing your homework! You are the kind of company I choose to do business with because
you understand the dangers out there associated with chemicals and GMOs. I will send others to you as I find
those who desire to make healthy choices.

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