17 Million "Toxic" Mattresses Sold In the USA Every Year, Most of Them Imported.

17 Million mattresses made of synthetic foams and toxic chemicals pollute our rivers, oceans, lands and streams as they are "thrown away" or "recycled" every year. You can't fully recycle it. There is no such place as "Away".  17 MILLION mattresses SOLD IN AMERICA EACH YEAR!  This is the price we pay for buying cheap. So cheap you can just "Throw it away" like changing clothes if you don't like it. I cannot fully imagine the impact that level of pollution would have on our environment. Can you?  

Traditional mattress sales has gone to the internet with the advent of the Bed In The Box. The vast majority of these Beds In A Box are cheap imports. Our mattresses are an American Product and American Made with Pride and Love. Beware of others who copy us and claim to have farm made products, they are not who they say they are. 

The average cost of a synthetic mattress is around $100. and you paid how much for it?  This is why, if you don't like it, they will arrange 1-800 Got Junk to come pick up your mattress because they are junk and the return rate is astronomical.  It's a booming business, especially for those who don't care what they are doing for the environment. Folks, these mattresses just don't last.  They are throw away mattresses. 

There is no shortcut to buying quality and the real thing. It's the difference between buying a cubic zirconia and a real diamond.  Which one has more value?  Which one will you cherish and appreciate more?

How many centuries do you think would it take to biodegrade these ton's of mattresses that have polluted our world?  They said in the video below, "they collect 60-80 mattresses every week" and this is just one urban area among thousands across the country.  How many times have you driven down the road in your community and seen throw away mattresses on the roadside.  It's a shame someone else has to handle the nasty mattresses and they end up in our landfills. Folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Imagine 17 million mattresses are sold every year, this means 17 million mattresses are thrown away.  We all know there is no such place as away!

The decision you make right now will determine if we are going to protect our planet.  Are you a Hero or a Zero? The decision is yours. Will you continue to buy mattresses that end up in some ocean garbage patch?

Be a hero and help us protect the planet buy purchasing a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable mattress from Our Conscious Beds.online.









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