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How is it made?

Customizable A mattress with a zipper? Not just a zipper for our convenience but yours. Not just one sided but two sided mattress.  You get 3 layers of 3" of all natural latex rubber on each side?  We give you individual sleep surfaces by arranging 3 layers of all natural latex rubber on each side made of different densities like firm, medium and soft. Nothing to blow up because it is not a air mattress, nothing to break down because it's not made of synthetic foams.

We build your mattress with layers of comfort that can be adjusted.  If you ever want to change the feel of your mattress you don't need to buy a new mattress, you can buy a new layer or swap the layers around to get the feel you are looking for.  Plus, many of our customers love adding our organic toppers for extreme comfort.

Proper Support
 - All natural dunlop latex rubber, you can't have comfort without proper support.  It's the difference between Angel food cake and pound cake in density.  Angel food cake  would be considered light and fluffy, like foams whether it be polyurethane foam, memory foam, gel foam or synthetic foam. It would take body impressions quickly and not last very long.

Longevity Last longer because of the density of the materials we use thus giving you a great return on investment.  On the average you can expect our mattresses to last 20 years or more.

Healthfulness - No harmful chemicals, produced from certified organic rubber trees from India. Organic cotton from Texas & Organic Wool mostly from Montana.  Quilted by quilters in North Carolina and made fresh for you.  Now Certified to Global Organic Latex Standard's.

Better for the Environment
 Everything in your mattress is grown from the rubber that is tapped from the rubber trees, no trees are cut down and the trees go on to remove carbon dioxide from the environment.  To the locally grown certified organic cotton and organic wool that is sheered from sheep.  Buying organic is important, because workers around the world that grow organic are not exposing themselves, their families their food and water supply to pesticide run off and you can wear cotton that is not impregnated with pesticides. So it's better for you and the environment. 

More reasons ....

You want a natural latex mattress made of pure and proven materials. You'd like to deal with a company that is known for its integrity and commitment to service.

And you want to invest wisely. You'll sleep on a Mountain Air Organic Bed for 20 or more years—rather than two or even three ordinary mattresses. For quality, consistent performance, and durability, the real value is a organic mattress from Mountain Air Organic Beds.