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Sleep Deprivation

Many people come into our store and tell me they don't like their mattress.  I ask why not?  I get answers from "I am sleeping in a well, I roll into the middle, I feel lumps in my mattress, I sleep hot, the other person moves and bothers me, my partner snores, I wake up feeling sore, I toss and turn all night long, my mattress causes back pain"...basically they all agree their mattress is uncomfortable and their sleep is being disturbed.

I ask them, "How long have they had their mattress and  has that been going on?"  Surprisingly many people will tell me it's been going on for years.  Why don't they come in sooner to buy a new mattress I ask myself?  I believe I know the answer and that is "It's so expensive to buy a new mattress and the last few didn't last that long.  That tells me two things.  #1.  It's expensive to keep replacing mattresses (which is obvious statement) #2.  They are sleep deprived and in many cases they just don't realize it.

So here is a chart to show people the effects "Sleep Deprivation" has on the body.  So they can decide for themselves if they have any of these symptoms.

Do you find you or your spouse suffers from any of these symptoms: 

Cognitive Impairment
Memory Lapses or loss
Impaired moral judgement
Severe Yawning, Hallucinations
Symptoms similar to ADHD
Impaired Immune System
Increased Heart Rate variability
Heart Disease
Diabetes Type 2
Decreased Reaction time and Accuracy
Growth Suppression
Decreased temperature

Maybe you or your loved one is sleep deprived?  Getting a great mattress from Mountain Air Organic Beds is a wise choice as our mattresses last decades providing you the comfortable sleep your body and mind desires.