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Organic Mattresses

Mountain Air Organic Beds makes the worlds most
comfortable and durable custom made organic latex mattresses on the market today.
Our mattresses are different because we let you control the price, comfort and support by choosing your own components.
 No worries, if you don't like your choices of latex, that's okay.
We give you 100 days to do layer exchanges, so no one is stuck with a mattress that doesn't feel good.
  1. Quilted Cover: We offer a zippered casing quilted from organic cotton and organic wool.  This is very important because it adds comfort to the mattress.
  2. Choose the Cores.  We recommend either 6 or 8 layers of all natural latex rubber (3 or 4 cores on each side) for ultimate customization, that come in different densities such as Firm, Medium and Soft.  We recommend Dunlop for the first 9" of rubber.
  3. Under the Mattress: You can choose a adjustable bed with massage, platform bed, organic foundation to give your latex mattress the support it really needs.  
  4. Toppers:  Did you think your organic mattress couldn't feel any better?  Try adding our organic fleece topper, millions of little springs reduce pressure points and helps regulate body temperature all night long.  It will even lower your heart rate so you sleep deeper and more restorative.
  5. Mattress Pad: Protect your investment with a organic cotton, wool moisture pad for people who are sweat a lot at night or are worried about moisture damaging their mattress or choose our new mattress liner made with Celliant® technology.   Celliant® is made from ground crystals woven into fabric for therapeutic health benefits as prove in clinical studies. Celliant fiber helps the muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis by increasing blood flow and tissue oxygen levels by modifying invisible and infrared light by recycling them into energy the body can use more effectively.

(Most Popular) 
 3/3" layers
on each side
 Organic Joy 13"
Top Layer Talalay
(The Ultimate)

 4/3" layers
on each side
 13"  $2,899  $2,899  $3,849  $4,249  $5,149  $5,249
 Organic Joy 13"
4/3" layers
on each side
 13"   $2,699
$2,699  $3,499  $3,899  $4,799  $4,899
Generations 7"
(For Kids)
2/3" layers
on each side
 7" $1,599 $1,599
 $2,249  $2,349  $3,149
Our customizable, 100% all natural latex mattresses are offered in both Dunlop and Talalay.  GOLS Organic Certified.  We even can make special sized
mattresses for Athletes, antique beds, trucks, boats and yachts.
We make a better bed.   Here is how...
Our mattresses are no ordinary mattress. 
They are made from Mother nature using
Organic Cotton, Wool & all natural latex rubber

Healthful and customizable
100 Day Layer Exchanges
More wool in our casing = more comfort
Denser Rubber = Longer Lasting Mattress
Our mattresses won't poison you while you sleep either.
Better Warranty . Better Prices . 
See store for details


What's an organic mattress?  Our organic mattresses are made from mother nature not in some chemical plant.  We use organic cotton and wool for our zippered casing and interchangeable layers of 100% all natural latex rubber tapped from the rubber trees which is grown in the tropics.  Our rubber come in different densities like firm, medium and soft.  You can have 3 or 4 layers on each size.  So each person can have their own sleep surface.    

Our mattresses won't break down and won't take a body impression and last decades.  It is also most healthful and pure.  Our mattresses aren't made from petroleum oil, chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde.  We would never allow anything like that to be put in our mattresses.  Instead the rubber is tapped from USDA certified organic rubber trees, so the trees go on to make more mattresses and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, bed bugs won't live in it and dust mites won't breed in it.  So it's completely healthful.  Even the wool in casing is dust mite resistant and the cover can be unzipped, spot cleaned and aired out.

But we always recommend a organic mattress pad to keep the surface clean.  We have taken the fear out of buying mattresses as we will let you exchange layers in the store for free as much as you like in the first 100 days.  If you live outside our area we will do layer exchanges all you have to do is pay actual shipping charges to get a new layer.

 One last thing we offer is a competitive 30 day price guarantee, must be published price for the same mattress.  

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