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Organic -v- Non-Organic
Mattress Comparison
 Features  Non-Organic  Organic
 Uses Poly-Urethane Foam                          Yes  No
 Uses Chemical Flame Retardants   Yes  No
 Uses Pesticides  Yes  No
 Passes FR1633 Law without the use of
Toxic Chemicals 
 No  Yes
 Claims synthetic latex is organic & all natural   Yes  No
 Organic cotton  Maybe  Yes
 Organic wool  No   Yes
 100% All natural latex   No  Yes
 Safe & non-toxic  No  Yes
 Often uses foam edge encasement  Yes (1)  No
 Toxic-solvents used to glue layers together  Yes  No
 Quickly takes body impressions  Yes  No(2)
 Quilted to polyester batting  Yes  No
 Planned obsolesce of 5 years  Yes  No
 Last 20+ years or more  No  Yes
 Cost over 30 years  $5,000  $2,500
 Has Petro-chemicals & off gasses that cause cancer   Yes  No
 Toxic to the lungs, liver and brain  Yes  No
 Naturally hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant  without spraying on controversial chemicals  No  Yes
 Plastic  Yes  No
 Sleeps hot  Yes  No
 Severe chemical off-gassing  Yes  No
 Has organic certificates  No  Yes
 Relieves pressure better  No  Yes
 Interchangeable layers of all natural latex (5)  No  Yes
 Ships UPS or Fed Ex Nationwide  No  Yes
 Each side is customizable (3)  No  Yes
 Fits in your car! (3)   No  Yes
 100 Day layer exchange  No  Yes
 Harmful to the environment (4)  Yes  No

(1) Foam Edge encasement is not only made of polyurethane foam, but it breaks down quickly, causing you to lose 12 percent of your sleeping surface.

(2) Our all-natural latex mattresses will not take a body impression and the layers of latex will not break down. Even Swedish memory foam takes body impressions because it is nothing but polyurethane foam with Visco-elastic added.

(3) Our mattresses are customizable with both all natural Dunlop and Talalay latex.

(4) Organic mattresses bio-degrade without harming the environment; in sharp contrast, polyurethane, memory foam and soy foam release hydrogen cyanide at 800 degrees.  The OSHA Material Safety Data Sheet on all memory foam mattresses requires you contact the fire department before disposing of memory foam mattresses, because they are so toxic & highly flammable.

(5) Real, natural, latex rubber can not be vacuum sealed. This process destroys the integrity of the latex itself, so if a manufacturer does this then they are using "synthetic" latex rubber.

Every time you lie down or sit on polyurethane foam you break open the cells and toxic chemicals are released, long after you can no longer smell them.  Those cells also DO NOT recover like latex does, as they break open and go flat.  This is one more reason polyurethane foam does not last.

So why would anyone use polyurthane? The answer is simple: it's cheap to make, and easy to mark way up and take deep discounts on.  In the long run, it's more expensive to the consumer because it has a planned obsolesce. That means more money for the company that sells polyurethane mattresses, and less money in your pocket.

Polyurethane Foams and Di-isocyanates used to manufacture can cause serious long term damage.
Hello, I have been diagnosed with Occupational Asthma, RADS Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome from the same chemicals used in manufacturing of foam bed matresses.  Isocyanates are they key ingredient that mattress plant workers are injured by. I am an employee of DuPont that is pursuing regulation of this type of chemical and others that have injured thousands like myself. I disagree with the selling of products to the public that can harm them or untrained professionals. Auto finishes and bed mattresses are polyurethane manufactured by a chemical reaction called crosslinking using a variety of chemicals. The most dangerous is Isocyanates.  DuPont has launched many sales programs targeting sales of the products like this to the untrained consumer. I was removed from the design team and demoted for voicing my concern for the health of the general public. I was told the fine print on the label is sufficient warning to the end user. Please go to the CDC Centers for Disease Control web site to research Asthma the primary reaction. The chemical manufacturers are also claiming that if you had Asthma as a child and then you are exposed to other irritants like these you are simply one in a million people that have prior history. So if you receive a chemical injury early in life as a child or young adult by one these products that later causes great personal damage it will be considered a pre-existing condition resulting in great loss to you and your loved ones. The CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission is our best resource for they log all complaints so they can be used to remove or regulate harmful products The CPSC would like to hear your complaints. If enough complaints are filed action can be taken to remove or restrict trade of the dangerous products using harmful chemicals. Since it takes many years for symptoms to persist most people are past the 4 year statute of limitations to recover from personal damage. Please file your complaints as soon as possible to help others that have suffered the effects of these products. 
Please contact me at dannymuir at if you would like to join others in a class action suit. Your names will remain anonyomous. Thank you, Matt Wright for creating this webpage. May you reap what you Sow!
Atlanta, Ga USA - Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 17:07:54 (CDT