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Swedish Memory Foam vs. 100% all Natural Latex
I have always questioned why a certain major "Swedish foam" mattress manufacturer would tell customers on their web-site that off-gassing is normal and all that you need to do is open the window and let it air out for a few hours once you bring it home.  I have had customers who asked for refunds because the issue with off-gases did not stop.  

One final issue that concerns us is that even premium quality luxury mattresses on the market today are almost entirely made from petrochemicals, in fact it takes a 55 gallon drum of these chemicals to make a queen size mattress.  This explains the off-gassing.  It also explains why mattresses made with synthetic foams are highly flammable and why the government passed a flammability law called FR1633. A law, however well intentioned, that has led to even more chemicals being poured into the manufacturing process of mattresses.  When caught on fire, fire fighters will tell you the toxic gases from the mattress which is Hydrogen Cyanide and carbon monoxide is as deadly as the mattress fire itself.

Chemical Flame Retardants used in Polyurethane foam endangers firefighters and gymnasts. Could you be putting your health at risk sleeping on Chemical Flame Retardants?

Tempur rated as "not recommended" in German Test
<riciabaker at>I am an American physical therapist living in Germany. I used to sell tempur products because I truly believed that the mattress and pillow system was a fantastic product. All my patients were also always very pleased with the products because of the comfort factor. No-one reported any allergy symptoms to me personally. HOWEVER, in May, and again in September 2002, the most widely read consumer magazine in Germany; "Öko Test", tested approx. 20 different mattresses for toxic chemicals. TEMPUR WAS THE WORST: The panel of researchers rated the products as "not recommended". Researchers found very high levels of toxins, including high levels of an arsenic compound and phosphor compounds. Many other chemicals are also listed. Some of the chemicals are used to make the mattress fire resistant and anti-fungal. The magazine also printed a letter from the German office of Tempur, threatening to sue the magazine.  The site is in German, but if you want the site address I can give it to interested consumers. The good news, at least in Germany, is that Tempur did get scared enough to remove most toxic chemicals from the mattresses and pillows (although who can really believe it until another test is forced upon them. One wonders what they will do with their remaining stock...hopefully not just send them to another country for sale to an unknowing population). 
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Natural latex rubber verses memory foam comparison chart  

Natural Rubber Latex Swedish Memory - Polyurethane Foam 
Natural Latex- Oeko-Tek 100 Standard certified
Chemical Free
Petroleum products with toxic
chemicals - PBDE'S, DECA
(Nero-Toxin & Cancer causing chemicals) Isocyanide
Naturally buoyant          Feels like wet sand, hard to turn over
Sleeps cool, breathable  Sleeps hot, often referred by Fire Fighters as "Solid Gasoline" 
Rubber is the most durable material - 100% all natural latex will not take body impressions.  Body impressions & forms ridge in the middle
Naturally anti-microbial & hypo-allergenic Hypo-allergenic proof but toxic 
Ultimate in pressure relief Most aggravate pressure points 
All natural          Toxic glues & adhesives
Sustainable, bio-degradable Impossible to recycle
Natural - harvested from rubber trees  Synthetic
No off-gassing  Severe off-gassing problem, particularly formaldehyde, FDA just declared formaldehyde & styrene as cancer causing agents. Probably why NASA didn't use it. Releases Hydrogen Cyanide, aka Zyklon B, a deadly gas at 800 degrees C. 
Instant adjustment  Takes time to adjust to your position & body temperature when you roll over 
Comfort remains consistent Firmness fluctuates with the room temperature 
Never sleep with babies in beds or couches  Because it absorbs pressure you can rollover on a small pet and never feel it
Cost less  Retails for significantly higher price
Customized comfort  Both sleepers must have same surface 
 100% All Natural Rubber tapped from the rubber tree  Memory foam is polyurethane with Visco-elastic added.  Breaks down quickly.  Look at the law-label
Soy, green mattresses, poyol's is polyurethane foam & green washing.