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10 American Babies
  Sleep as safe as your mother's arms.
Watch this alarming video of 10 American babies.  The journey to start Mountain Air Organic Beds has been a long one.........  This is our grandson Ethan.  He is sending a personal message to everyone, it is important our bodies, particularly babies are not exposed to harmful toxins as we sleep.  

TOXIC CHEMICALS:  A "Silent Pandemic" -THE WEEK, November 26, 2006 Industrial chemicals are contaminating the air, water and our homes, causing a "silent pandemic" of brain diseases in children, a new report warns.  Neurotoxin experts say the widespread use of pesticides, cleaning products, glues, and other chemicals represents an uncontrolled experiment on developing brains, with little or no research on it's impact...other, unregulated chemicals being poured into the environment could be causing an increased incidence of autism, attention deficit disorder, cerebral palsy, and retardation.  "The human brain is a precious and vulnerable organ," says Philippe Grandjean,a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health. "Even limited damage may have serious consequences."